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The picture above is the photo Zora used for reference and the picture to the right is the finished product. It took her about 4 hours from start to finish to complete this smaller wood burning.

This one would cost right around $40.

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Zora did these wood burnings for a local rabbit show a few years back.

She could do something similar to these, including the wood frame, for $15 give or take depending on how many letters and the design.

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This is another type of award Zora made for a local rabbit club. Well, used to be local, but she moved. They have a front and back (the one in the top right is a photo of the back).

These cost $10 each.

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Wood burnings like the ones to the left would cost around $60-$100 depending on the size, the type of wood, and the amount of detail required.

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Zora did this one as a gift to her Mother, something like this would be $20.

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Some other simple wood burnings Zora has made, one like these would be $25-50.

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This is a custom medium sized piece with minimal shading. The finished piece and the rabbits it was based off of are pictured.

Something like this would run $40-75, depending on size and detail.