Ugly Rabbit Apparel

Task: Choose a small business to create or redesign a website and social media campaign for.

About the project: I chose to design a website for Ugly Rabbit Apparel, a small family owned business that sells exclusively online and at rabbit shows. The owner/designer at Ugly Rabbit Apparel has been a friend of mine for many years. Amanda’s designs are fun, playful, sassy, and sometimes very heartfelt.

Around the time I designed this website, there had been a shift in her designs to using hand written type, so I decided to incorporate this aspect in the campaign. Having shown rabbits growing up, I know the community and just how quirky they are. From there, I knew from the beginning I wanted to incorporate the rabbit skeleton in a big way as it is a well known and loved icon of Ugly Rabbit Apparel. Using the head of the rabbit from the logo as a way to access the contact box just made sense. 

The final product is a quirky website and social media campaign that captures some of the essence of Amanda and her designs at Ugly Rabbit Apparel.


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