Task: As a group, create a commercial for the SPVA that you have rights to all imagery used.

Process: After some debate, we decided that our target demographic would be high school graduates from out of state. We also decided that we wanted to include the paint splatter style of the logo in the video via liquid acrylic paint. With that in mind, we chose to go with a type heavy design and created our own video to fit our needs. When deciding who would be best to do what, we decided that Chris Garrett would be best for research, Conner Smith would be best at creating the opening and closing, and I would be the best choice for handling the type and video.

Outcome: A fun yet factual commercial that truly depicts our school, all created in a week and a half.


Motion Graphics
Copy Writing

Created by:

Type and video editing by Zora Marie
Opening and Closing by Connor Smith
Research by Chris Garrett

Behind the scenes

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