User Experience

Race of the Realm

Task: Design a brand for extensive audience interaction.

Process: After some consideration, I chose to base my gameplay off of Candyland, but I wanted to push the game into a higher age group by adding more opportunities to read and make the game more accessible to those with a color deficiency. Because both my mother and brother are partially color blind, they became my test group. Between putting together the thematic guide and wordlist, I constructed a color guide that my test group helped me tweak until the colors were both appealing to the general audience as well as accessible to those with a color deficiency. With the colors chosen, the design process continued as usual until the game was fully constructed which is when the game was then tested by a small control group of children to insure my alterations had been successful and had not complicated the gameplay.


User Experience

Usability Testing

A small study group was utilized to insure my colors were visible to those with color deficencies. A group of children also played the game to insure the instructions were easily understood. 

Outcome: A high fantasy race across the realms on the beast of your choice. Everything was illustrated specifically for this piece and designed to be visually intriguing yet open to the imagination.

Game play is simple, making it a great game for all ages.

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