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Most art from the last few semesters are for sale as I need to save up for next semester's supplies and tuition. I'll be listing my sculptures on Etsy and will post them here once that is done. If you have seen a drawing that you are interested in, please email me with a description and I'll see if we can work something out. I'll also be making some various designs and listing them on Redbubble, so don't forget to check occasionally and see what I have come up with.

Ragon, is it a Rabbit or is it a Dragon?

What started out as a design class project evolved into what has been coined the Ragon. Much like the main character in my book series, Zelia the Phoenix of Hope, things are not always as they seem. What one sees first depends on their outlook and position in life.

Find it on T-shirts, phone cases, and more here!

Stary Mountain

A fun little design I made a while back. Find it on a few things here.

Dragon and Winter

This is an illustration I made for one of my classes this semester and Winter is a character from one of Stephen Hunt’s books.

Stephen Hunt's Winter

This is an illustration I made for an author friend of mine and I am proud to bring Winter to life for him. I hope you enjoy!

Asenten - Wizard

This is a quick character sketch of Asenten, the wizard who volunteered to train and keep Zelia after her powers first emerged. Many of the wizards of the Wizard Guild look much alike, but the blue glow of his staff and the cave give him away. Sadly, the Zelia the Phoenix of Hope books are not yet ready for publication, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a bit of fun with art in the meantime.

Blue Mermaid

My one and only entry in #mermay

Gosling on the Water

Playing with contrast.