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Graphic design wasn’t always my path, my family thought I was a bit insane when I decided that’s what I wanted to switch to. I think the only reason they went along with it was because they would rather I was a ‘starving artist’ than a federal agent… which is what I was getting a BA in before the switch. Plus, I think they were just glad I wasn’t trying to make a living at being an author. 

Now you may be wondering why such a big switch? Why graphic design? 

Well, it turns out that I had been doing graphic design projects for several years (not very well I might add) and just didn’t know that was the term for it. So when I decided that I didn’t really want to spend the rest of my life digging into the minds of terrorists, graphic design was a natural choice for me.

Four years later, here I am, much happier with my career choice and FAR better at graphic design. Of course no one is ever done learning and so I am setting my sights on the next place and opportunity for me to grow and learn once my journey to obtaining a BFA has come to an end.

My Latest Work

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